Dear Connoisseur, 


Welcome to the world of Pas Une Marque 


Our philosophy


Pas Une Marque is a luxury streetwear brand based in Paris, France. Our mission is simple: Do not conform. 


We believe that by constantly questioning, and challenging knowledge we can elevate our standards to higher levels. Think outside the box, innovate, create and be unique. 


The name “Pas Une Marque” 


Pas Une Marque translates to “Not a Brand” in French. 


This phrase draws an ode to Rene Magritte a famous French painter who painted a pipe next to the words “Ceci n'est pas une pipe” French for “This is not a pipe”. 


Many individuals reproached him for this - but for us the interpretation is clear; that is not a pipe but rather a drawing of it. 


We are not a clothing brand brand but rather a community on a mission. To break the logical shortcuts that we take in an established and accepted chain of thought and to promote alternative thinking. 


Our approach on products


We strive in making products that are unique and have a story. We try to reflect life within our pieces and the conversations that come with it. 


Craft and detail are incredibly important to us. That is why our products are sourced and made in Peru using the highest quality materials and ingredients. 


The luxury of creativity is what we embrace; every piece is designed after years of research & development and immense trial and error. 


We attempt to work with local suppliers in Peru and ensure proper circumstances and well-being for our workers.