Knitted Cardigan (Pearl Grey)

  • $790.00
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A timeless piece of luxe quality and craftsmanship; this Pearl Grey knitted cardigan is ethically crafted from a blend of 30% baby alpaca and 70% wool for optimal warmth. Hand-dyed for subtle variations in hue, the oversized, gradient neck and rib add a touch of texture and style. Ornamented with organic mussel shell buttons and embellished with intricate hand-embroidered designs on the front and back, this cardigan brings an air of sophisticated exclusivity to your wardrobe.
  • Gradient Neck and Rib
  • Oversized
  • 30% Baby Alpaca, 70% Wool
  • Organic Mussel Shell Buttons
  • 100% Sustainable 
  • Naturally Dyed (Color Variances May Be Present)
  • Hand Embroidered Designs on Front and Back